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Compagnie la Méthode

La Méthode is founded in 2022 in Neuchâtel by Adamantia Papakyriaki and Maxime Jeannerat.


This contemporary dance company follows an artistic vision that stages performances characterized by a great physical requirement, where movement is only a medium to express peculiar narratives. Virtuosity yes, but for what purpose? 
It is about putting the human being in a context, often confronting, which requires a questioning of its condition and bringing it towards an authentic, raw and pure quality. It is about removing the artifices, annihilating the superficial.
The strength of simplicity and the weight of intentions are aspects dear to the creative process of La Méthode.

Adamantia Paparyaki

Adamantia Papakyriaki was born in Athens in 1997. She began her artistic training at the professional school Of Athens Rallou Manou, before continuing her studies in Austria, at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance - SEAD.

In August 2023, she joins the dance company of the Grand Theater of St. Gallen as a dancer-performer.

In July 2022, she created a solo for Maxime Jeannerat, Reflecting Oneself Through Space, presented at the Lust Am Risiko festival in Salzburg, sealing the beginning of their artistic collaboration. She is involved in every artistic process and creation of the company. 

Maxime Jeannerat

Maxime Jeannerat was born in the canton of Neuchâtel in 1995. After a career as a young high level athlete, he started dancing by taking an interest in freestyle Hip Hop, which he has been practicing for over 10 years. He then decided to train professionally in contemporary dance, by joining the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance - SEAD, in Austria.
His passion for creation leads him to develop choreographic projects, including his first solo, ΑΕΝΑΟΣ, first presented at the Théâtre du Passage in Neuchâtel, in June 2022.
He is active in the country as a dancer-performer, taking part in the creations of several companies such as Prototype Status, the Lokart and Rue Sérendipe, but also as a contemporary dance teacher, intervening through workshops in several institutions of the country.

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