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Anthro is a solo that shows a life trajectory from top to bottom, an exhaustion, the alteration of a carefree gesture towards a chaotic expression.


This creation proposes to observe the invelopment of a body in movement.

Creation and performance : Maxime Jeannerat

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ΑΕΝΑΟΣ means perpetual, what begins again. This piece wishes to represent a thread of stages necessary for the development of a human being in search of wisdom.


Some stages are experienced only once, but many are repeated. They confront us regularly, throughout our lives. We cannot control them, we must live them.


What changes over time is the way we look at them, accept them and react to them. 

Creation and performance : Maxime Jeannerat

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The research performance "Reflect oneself through space" brings unanswered questions on stage. 

"How big is the space around you?"
"What can your body do?"

"How do you sense, perceive and stay present with or to your body while the surrounding is constantly transforming ? " 
Fertile questions that explores not only the expressive capacities of the body but also the narrative functions of the dance language.

Choreografy: Adamantia Papakyriaki
Performance: Maxime Jeannerat

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